damurxac (damurxac) wrote,

Second day of work. More forms, more traffic, more reading of soporific documentation. And also one tiny little starting bit of (gasp!) useful stuff.

The apartment I checked on this morning was, of course, sold by the time I got there. So I tried another place at random, and lo and behold, they not only have apartments, but they have one I can move into tomorrow. Er, today, if you happen to still be on east coast time.

Not the world's best apartment, or cheapest, or etc., but it's not bad on any count (at least for the area), and it's month to month rental, so I can move out if I happen onto something better.

Of course, it is the law of new apartments that it won't have power for a couple days, and won't have internet for a couple days after that. At least, that's what I'll be betting on, since I'd rather be pleasantly surprised than annoyed. We shall see. Worst comes to worst, I can just spend most of my time at my workplace where there is both power and internet.
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